Sticking with your Gym Membership: Exercise and Weight Gain

The idea of joining the gym is so you can see some great changes in your body. If you find deciding to join a gym and living a healthy lifestyle to be hard, sticking with it is even harder. But what keeps most people going is the positive feedback they get as they keep at it. You can imagine how one feels when they see that instead, they have gained weight!

The initial period of joining the gym is when most people gain that frustrating weight. Telling such people to stick with it, that they will finally see some positive results does not sound convincing. You can see why explaining to them why this is so is critical to them retaining their gym memberships. Read on gym Watertown

Water retention is a common culprit. Introducing exercises in your life means bringing changes to your body. Exercising leads to inflammation in your muscle fibers, as you build muscle mass. Your body will end up retaining more water. It is only temporary, so no need to worry. Drink lots of water, eat well, and get enough sleep.

It could also be a case of glycogen conversion. Your body needs to convert glycogen to glucose to get energy. With more exercises comes the need to store more glycogen to fuel those sessions. Glycogen binds with water in the process of fueling your muscles. With continued exercises your body will learn to be more efficient, thus needing less glycogen for energy. Since you now hold less water; you will lose weight.

You may also be struggling with a high-calorie diet. To lose weight; you need to combine the exercises with a caloric deficit diet. Out lives are chaotic to the extent that monitoring our caloric intake is almost impossible. It is impossible to lose weight if you keep taking in more calories than you burn. In the same vein, you cannot realistically cut down on your caloric intake suddenly. Start to shed off parts of it slowly. Stick to more whole foods than processed ones. Click on Watertown Gym

It can also be a factor of time. You did not gain that weight you are trying to lose overnight. You will need more time also to lose it. The body will try and fight your intentions with coping mechanisms. As you exercise more; the body will look for ways to adjust to the new reality. You, therefore, need to be patient and disciplined with the exercises.

There are those who also confuse muscle gain with fat gain. Working out results in you having more muscle mass. If you were to measure your weight, you would see that gain, even when you no longer fit in your clothes. You need to accept such a weight gain, as it is the healthy lean muscle kind. View